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We Combine Technology and a Wealth of Experience

Transmissions are crucial cogs in your car’s engine. Transmissions regulate everything from starting and stopping to your wheels and shifting capability. More than any component, transmissions are essential to whether your vehicle moves. That’s why transmission problems are among the most serious you can face. It is critical to trust your mechanic understands transmissions and knows how to repair or replace the most complicated component in your vehicle. AAMCO Savannah GA offers honest and skilled transmission repairs to Savannah, GA residents. We succeed because we use state-of-the-art technology to repair your transmission, putting it through numerous tests to determine the exact cause of the problem. We offer warranties and free towing on all transmission repairs.

How We Diagnose Transmission Problems

Today, all vehicles have a complicated network of computer systems that tell vehicles what to do and when to do it. These computers have dramatically altered how mechanics repair vehicles. AAMCO’s auto technicians use computerized technology to check trouble codes and locate the source of any issues. AAMCO of Savannah uses cutting-edge technology to find the root cause of your transmission problem. There is no substitute for an in-person investigation so we still subject your car, truck, or SUV to a battery of tests, including taking it for a test drive.

What We Test

When Test Driving Your Vehicle

  • Put your vehicle in park, drive, and neutral and listen for aberrations
  • Pay attention to how the vehicle operates
  • Inspect the passing gears
  • Evaluate its up and downshifting capabilities
  • Investigate your axles and shafts
  • Ensure all fluid levels are correct

Our Transmission Repairs Are Second-to-None

A vehicle’s transmission is far too important to ignore. If you notice your vehicle seems to shift on its own, has trouble changing from one gear to the next, or seems to slip out of gear, bring it into AAMCO Savannah GA immediately. The earlier a certified technician begins to evaluate the problem, the more likely it is you may avoid major repairs. A transmission repairs can be unexpected so AAMCO of Savannah offers financing packages and coupons to help customers with these unanticipated costs.

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